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The vision of Spirit Led Worshipers Academy is to educate, empower and equip you with what you need to grow in your life and ministry of worship.



  • The Goal
    The goal of the academy is to raise and support a generation of worshipers that are passionate and to submit the lordship of Jesus, surrendered to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and are equipped to contribute positively to the culture of worship in the body of Christ to the glory of our Heavenly Father. 
  • The Timeframe
    The Academy starts in March 2024. If you missed a class it would be archived so that you can catch up before the next class.
  • The Aim
    The aim of this academy is to equip you with the following; Biblical principles and practical tools enable you to flourish in your walk with the Lord, and in your ministry of leading others to worship Him. ​The ability to teach the life of worship. ​Leadership skills. Understanding prophetic and spontaneous worship.  Effective vocal techniques for leading worship.

Spirit Led Worshipers Academy gives believers the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of the life and ministry of worship.  ​

our curriculum

whom we worship


In this module, we set the foundation of understanding worship.

We will define the principles of worship, and explore scripture to understand what worship is, whom we worship and why we worship as well as the principles governing worship.

the life of

a worshiper


We will explore and take a holistic view of a healthy lifestyle of a true worshiper.

We will break this down by covering topics in relation to the worshiper’s posture of heart, the mind of the worshiper and the cultivation of the secret place with the Father.


guest speaker & practicals

Students will hear from seasoned guest speakers, with years of experience in ministry, to help further your knowledge during the course.

Practical sessions, such as vocal workshops and songwriting sessions will help develop technical skills as you study. 


Students will be assigned an SLW mentor to provide guidance and study support throughout the duration of the course.

coporate worship


The aim is to help students understand what corporate worship is.

We will discuss the fundamentals of corporate worship and the practical elements of navigating corporate worship in churches using the resources available, i.e. worship teams, team building etc. 


the sound of worship

​In the final module, we will continue to build on the principles studied in the corporate worship module.

This module will include practical sessions that will focus on training and nourishing worship teams.


camp 2023

We will bring the course to an end at SLW Worship Camp 2024.


All students will participate in Worship Camp and put to practice everything studied on the course.


Students will have the opportunity to lead worship on one of the nights.



Our Teachers

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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